September is Disaster Preparedness Month

FEMA established Disaster Preparedness Month for every September since 2004. It's an opportunity to emphasize the importance of preparing for emergencies and disasters. Most of the time, natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires appear very quickly. This is why people must prepare to handle and evacuate these incidents.


Thousands of people die yearly due to natural and artificial disasters worldwide. These disasters have a lasting impact on the individuals and communities they affect. FEMA noted that emergency management is a collective responsibility that all community members should participate in.


Although the government and various organizations are ready to assist those who are affected by disasters, individuals should be more prepared to handle the situation at home.

What You Can Do During Disaster Preparedness Month


Make Emergency Plans for Your Family

Emergency plans should be created to take action in the event of a disaster. These can include establishing meeting points for evacuation and having a list of emergency contacts.


Make Emergency Kits for Your Family

Each household member must have enough food, water, and medicine to prepare for emergencies. After identifying the items essential to their survival, list them and get organized.


Follow the News in Your Area

You should also pay attention to the news reports and advisories about possible disasters and other hazards in your area. These can help you prepare for the situation and help you get through it safely.


Having a plan and having the necessary supplies can help reduce anxiety and fear during an evacuation. This can help prevent the chaos and mess that would occur during the disaster. Always keep in mind that panic can affect the outcome of a disaster. Taking the time to prepare for potential disasters ahead of time can make a huge difference in your family's lives. 

Do you have emergency plans for your family in case of a disaster? What can you do to prepare your family for a disaster better?