Are You Ready to Go Back to School

We are approaching the end of summer and the start of school for our students. It’s time to start preparing for the upcoming school year, which includes getting ready for school supplies and clothes, settling into a new sleeping schedule, and sorting out transportation issues.


We've compiled a list of helpful tips that will help make the transition easier.

Ease Into the New Routine

Ensure everyone is comfortable with the routines for the upcoming school year. For many teenagers, the first few days of summer vacation are often forgotten. They wake up at the crack of dawn and then spend the rest of their day sleeping. Getting used to the new schedule can be tricky, so incorporate it a week or two before classes start.


To help kids prepare for school, set an alarm clock that will go off when they need to start getting ready. They can then go through the school day's routine, which includes making breakfast, making lunches, and getting ready for class.

Be Gentle with New Students

Whether it's Pre-K, Kindergarten, or even starting at a new school again, the first day of school can be very unsettling for some children. Introducing your kids to school routines is vital to make them feel at ease. Attending a back-to-school night can also help ease the anxiety. Before classes start, introduce your child to the teacher. This will allow them to get to know each other better and make the transition easier. 

Supplies & Clothes

According to some experts, parents should only buy a limited amount of clothes for the first few weeks of the school year. The best time to buy school clothes for your child is during the middle of September when retailers hold sales. It will take some time for your student to determine which items they want to add to their wardrobe. On the other hand, school supply shopping should be done before the school year starts. Many local schools have websites that allow parents to easily print out and bring with them their list of supplies.


If you can't afford to buy the necessary school supplies, you can contact a charity such as the Kids In Need Foundation. It provides parents with the required items for their kids. You can also contact the school's or district's social worker if you don't have a resource center nearby.

Getting back to school can be a daunting experience for parents and kids, but it's also important to start strong to ensure that they will have a successful year. Are your kids heading back soon? Is your family set for the first day of school?